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At PLAYCODE3, we provide various quality crafting supplies at the best value for creators in slime designs, fake bakes, shaker cards, tumblers, scrapbooking, nail art, Decoden, jewelry, and any other crafting designs to support your crafting business. Our products include but are not limited to faux sprinkle mixes, fimo slices, charms, beads, planners, fake food props, miniatures, and more.

Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC

Our Slimes

All our slime is handmade by Sunshine Stevenson. She only makes slime that she finds extremely playable and satisfying.

People love our slimes because they get great satisfaction when playing with them. We do our best to reduce the cost so you can get the best value and still provide the best quality ingredients. We want to share our slime with everyone; kids and adults.

When Sunshine makes her slime, she considers a multi-sensory experience; touch, sight, hearing and smell. As we all know, you can’t taste slime as it is NOT edible. However, FUN FACT; most researchers would appear to agree that smell plays a “dominant” role in taste.

The only way you will know what we are saying is true would be for you to try our PLAYCODE3 slimes. We give samples with every purchase because we know that slime is “hands on”, it’s got to be experienced. Join others today and order a few slimes; we know there is a favorite waiting for you!

Our Slime Collection

Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC
Slime Shop - PLAYCODE3 LLC

Our Supplies

We started making slime; however, we also wanted to support other creators, so we decided to offer quality crafting supplies at the best prices so that everyone could celebrate and share their creations! We continue to add more crafting products and our PLAYCODE3 exclusives, our PLAYCODE3 Sprinkle Mixes. Our supplies are not necessarily for slime; We offer quality crafting supplies such as fake sprinkles, beads, charms, Decoden items, cabochon, clay fimo slices, and plannars. All this and more significant for fake bakes, resin art, nail art, party favors, and jewelry designs. Great values, fast shipping, and exceptional customer service are what we aim for. We have many crafters with fantastic creations buying supplies from us as they love our prices, our quality products, excellent customer support, and fast shipping!

Sunshine Stevenson - PLAYCODE3 LLC

Our Story

PLAYCODE3, located in Long Island, NY, all started with Sunshine’s love for playing with and creating slime. Every day, Sunshine would be in our living room having a great time making a mess with her original slime designs. Sunshine then found other Slimmers on social media and was inspired to continue to learn and grow. We created a crafting shop in our basement for Sunshine to work on her creations. As things progressed, we decided to build a business to share her love for her slime and other craft creations. We opened the shop on June 29, 2019. As things continued to grow, we changed our focus to supporting other creators. We now offer excellent quality crafting supplies at the best prices so everyone can celebrate and share their fantastic creations!


Sunshine Stevenson - PLAYCOD3 LLC

Sunshine Stevenson

Owner, Designer, Videographer

the creator (genius), who works on sprinkle mix designs, product selection and videos; innovator and designer of PLAYCODE3.

Lily Stevenson - PLAYCOD3 LLC

Lily Stevenson

Owner, Assistant, Customer Service

the organizer (bookworm) who works on research, customer service, and shipping.

Christopher Stevenson - PLAYCOD3 LLC

Christopher Stevenson

Owner, Assistant, Tech Support

the techie (nerd) who works on the website, branding and marketing.



Our aim is to deliver high-quality products, emphasizing optimal value for everyone.


We strive to consistently offer superior service and steadfast support, driven by unyielding integrity.


A part of our mission is to make a difference; we dedicate a portion of our profits to aiding those in need.