Save on already low prices!

At PLAYCODE3, we prioritize offering exceptional quality crafting supplies at prices that are already budget-friendly. By shopping with us, you're guaranteed savings without waiting for special deals. However, we also enhance your shopping experience with additional discounts, including volume savings and exclusive offers during seasonal promotions like our Holiday and Super Friday Sales.


How to get your PLAYCODE3 Discount codes:

At PLAYCODE3, we offer auto-discounts through our volume discounts program, which automatically applies the discounts at checkout. Additionally, we send out special discounts during holidays and Super Friday Sales through our newsletter. More details on these discounts here. If you have not done so already, scroll down to Get Notified for all sale day discount codes.

Discount code Tips, Rules, and Limitations:

  • Sale Day Discount codes can only be used one at a time per order at checkout, and some discounts are available for one use only per customer.
  • Automatic Volume discounts & discount codes. Occasionally, our customers may have a volume discount option & a separate discount code to choose from; when the option to add a discount code at Checkout, there could be a code that results in a better discount than our volume discounts or visa-versa. In such cases, our Checkout system will provide a better discount and be applied to your order at Checkout, notifying you already have a better combination. We want to ensure that our customers always receive the best value possible.
    Example Checkout messages notifying you of a better combo:

  • Discount codes can expire & have minimum purchase requirements; we will indicate which discount codes expire and have minimum purchase either on our website or when you receive the discount code via email or text. We cannot honor discounts after the expiration date under any circumstances. Before any extra charges like shipping are added, the minimum amount that needs to be spent on purchasing items (subtotal) is determined. For instance, if your subtotal is $14.88 and your shipping cost is $5.38, making your total order $20.26, a coupon code that requires a minimum purchase of $20.00 will not be valid because your subtotal of $14.88 is lower than the minimum requirement of $20.00 Also note: minimum total does not include bulk item and sale items that are already at a reduced price.
  • Discount codes will reduce your total purchase price, possibly affecting your free shipping; for example, if your Subtotal before the Discount is $35.94 which qualifies for free shipping, however, the discount code is 15% off, reducing your estimated cost to $30.55, the free shipping will be removed; you will have to add an additional item(s) to bring the total to $35 or above; please note this just before checking out.
  • Discount codes work BEST when you subscribe to our newsletter (subscribe below). We encourage you to stay subscribed so you will not miss out on additional savings. We DO NOT SPAM; you can unsubscribe and resubscribe to our newsletter at anytime.