We focus on getting the best value for quality products and in doing so we share that savings with our customers by providing low prices for those quality items. On top of our savings we constantly offer discounts to our customers during special events, holidays and for our loyal fans. Discount codes can range from sales percentage off, fixed dollar amounts, buy & get free, contests and specific product sales.

How to get your PLAYCODE3 Discount codes

Our discount codes are sent to you by email if you have signed up with us and joined our newsletter. Discount codes can also be provided to you directly from our website which you can copy and paste during checkout. Many times, our email messages have a link that will automatically enter the discount code for you during checkout.

Discount code Tips, Rules and Limitations:

  • Discount codes can only be used one at a time per order at checkout and most discounts are available for one use only per customer.
  • Discount codes can expire & have minimum purchase requirements; we will indicate which discount codes expire and have minimum purchase requirements upon receiving the discount code.
  • Discount codes will work when we have individual product sales; if you see a product with an orange SALE sticker and/or discount tag (example: -20%) your discount code will still work and give you the value of that additional discount.
  • Discount codes are NOT always “shareable” Discount codes with unique numbers (ex. YOUSAVE20-123456) are for one person use only; if you give a discount code like this to someone else and they use it, you will no longer be able to use it.
  • Discount codes will reduce your total purchase price, possibly affecting your free shipping; so if your total purchase is at or around $35 for free shipping and the discount code reduces your price cost below $35 the free shipping will be removed, you will have to add an additional item(s) to bring the total back to $35 or above; please note this just before submitting your order.
  • Discount codes work BEST when you have signed up with an active account with PLAYCODE3. Signing up is always free and easy; Customers with accounts get awesome discount promotions and are kept up to date with our newsletters. We encourage you to stay subscribed so you will not miss out on additional savings.