Introducing Our "Craft Your Comment" Incentive Program; receive 20% Off!

Hello PLAYCODE3 Crafting Community,

We're thrilled to announce our new "Craft Your Comment" Incentive Program designed to encourage your valuable insights and engagement on our PLAYCODE3 blog. Your opinions, ideas, and creative inputs are the lifeline of our crafting community, and we want to reward you for sharing them!

How to Participate:

  1. Visit our Blog: Explore the diverse range of topics on our PLAYCODE3 Blog.
  2. Post Your Comment: Share your thoughts, creations, or ideas on any blog post. Ensure you use the same email associated with your PLAYCODE3 account for us to recognize you.
  3. Receive Your Reward: We'll send a special 20% off discount code to your email, with no expiration or minimum purchase requirements, as a token of our appreciation for your first comment. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your discount code, as we diligently review each comment to maintain the quality of our crafting community discussions

A Few Guidelines:

  • Feel free to include social media links to showcase your business or creations.
  • For our affiliates: Please refrain from posting affiliate links in the blog comments.
  • To enrich our crafting community, we kindly ask that you share thoughtful and engaging comments. Each contribution will undergo a review by our team. Only those comments that are approved – offering meaningful insights or shareable experiences – will be eligible for a 20% discount and will be publicly displayed. Our goal is to approve and showcase comments that truly add value and can be appreciated by fellow crafters.
  • Remember, this offer is valid for your first comment only.
  • Don't forget to use the "Share this post..." buttons below each blog post to spread the word.

We can't wait to read your comments and see how your contributions enrich our crafting community. Together, let's make this year vibrant and inspiring with new blog posts tailored to benefit all crafters.

Thank you for your continued support. Let’s grow and create together!

Warm regards,

Chris, Lily and Sunshine Stevenson