Hello PLAYCODE3 Affiliate Ambassador, 

We launched our Affiliate Program in February 2022. Congrats to those who are leading the way! We currently have 42 affiliate members who took advantage of our early-bird 10% commission period which will be ending Friday June 3, 2023, and replaced with our commission tier achievement program. So, what does that mean to you going forward?

Commission tier achievement program

Starting Saturday June 4, 2022, the option for new members to join the early-bird 10% commission program will end and be replaced with our tier achievement program. All new sign-ups will be starting at a tier 1 3% commission and will be able to make their way up to our tier 2 5% commission. All current early-bird affiliates will remain in the early-bird program of 10% commissions for an additional 6 months (until January 3, 2023) and then be moved to the achievement program starting at tier 2 5% commission program on January 4, 2023.

How to advance from tier 1 (3% commission) to tier 2 (5% commission)

Once all affiliates are moved to the tier 1 3% commission program, they will be able to advance to tier 2 5% commission program once they achieve sale revenue of $1,000. Once at tier 2 you will continue to make 5% commissions as long as you are an affiliate member of PLAYCODE3 LLC and still be locked in to all your referrals as before.

Your affiliate program information, tips, rules, and limitations:

  • The more you share your referral link and coupon code the better chance you will receive commission payouts, so start sharing today.
  • Every referral that visits our website from your referral link and purchases within 60 days, will be credited for your percentage payout. If they order again, you will still be credited (locked-in).
  • You will be sent emails for each credited commission and be paid in total of all commissions for the prior month on the first day of every month. You have the choice to receive store credit or money via PayPal for your payouts.
  • You will not be credited commissions for your own purchases; commissions are only paid by your referral’s purchases.
  • You must configure your payment method to get paid. If you have not done so already, please set up your payment method from your affiliate program portal.
  • From your portal login you can access a lot of information, such as your referral clicks, number of orders credited, revenue which will determine your advancement for the next tier level, your affiliate link which can be customized and your discount coupon which also can be customized, your payouts, transactions, and marketing resources. You also have access to your profile settings such as profile details, payment settings and sign-in method. To access your affiliate portal, go to the following login page: https://playcode-3.bixgrow.com/login

Chris, Lily, and Sunshine Stevenson