Important Notice: Recent Email Spoofing Incident

Date: 10/27/2023

What Happened?

We've recently become aware that some individuals have received unsolicited emails that appear to be from PLAYCODE3 LLC but are, in fact, not sent by us. These emails often contain banner links and request the completion of a survey. We want to clarify that we have no part in these emails and we never send out SPAM for any reason.

What is Email Spoofing?

Email spoofing is a technique used by cybercriminals to send emails that appear to come from a trusted source, in this case, PLAYCODE3 LLC. The goal is often to deceive the recipient into taking some action, such as clicking on a link or completing a survey. While the email may appear to be from us, the sender's address is actually forged. This is known as "spoofing."

What We're Doing About It

We take this issue very seriously and have taken immediate steps to mitigate the impact:

We've enabled advanced email security features like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to authenticate our emails. This helps email providers distinguish between legitimate emails from PLAYCODE3 LLC and spoofed ones.

We're closely monitoring the situation and have put additional security measures in place to prevent such incidents in the future.

What You Can Do

If you receive an email that you suspect is not from PLAYCODE3 LLC:

Do not click any links or complete any surveys.

Verify the email's legitimacy by contacting us directly through our official website or customer service channels.

Mark the email as SPAM in your email client.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue, please don't hesitate to contact us


Christopher Stevenson
President, PLAYCODE3 LLC