Get peace of mind with Delivery Guarantee in the event your delivery is damaged, stolen, or lost during transit.

Claim Eligibility and Disclaimer

  1. Eligibility Requirements: To qualify for a claim under the Navidium Shipping Protection program, you must have selected this option at checkout for each relevant order. To review your past orders, log in here.

  2. Claim Filing Period: A claim for a refund may only be submitted 21 days following the delivery of the package. Refunds will be issued upon claim approval.

  3. Communication During Claim Process: It's crucial to reply to all communications promptly and in detail during the claim process. Failure to do so may result in delays. All correspondence will be sent from either or

  4. Lost Package Criteria: A package will be deemed lost if it remains in transit for 21 calendar days or more.

  5. Purpose of Service: Navidium Shipping Protection is intended to safeguard your package during transit, NOT to expedite its delivery. Factors like holidays, pandemics, and acts of nature can still cause delays, and such delayed packages are not classified as lost.

  6. Reporting Damaged Items: If your package or products arrive damaged, photos must be submitted within 5 calendar days of delivery. Only physically damaged items qualify for replacement or refund; partial damage does not warrant a full order replacement.

  7. Reporting Stolen Packages: In the unfortunate event of a package theft, it must be reported within 5 calendar days of delivery.

To begin a claim email us at