All our slime is handmade by Sunshine Stevenson. She only
makes slime that she finds extremely playable and satisfying. Sunshine will
tell you that playing with slime relaxes her, however we don’t make claims that
slime will reduce your stress and anxiety. We believe playing is simply good
for everyone.

People love our slimes because they get great satisfaction when
playing with them. We do our best to reduce the cost so you can get the best value and still provide
the best quality ingredients. We want to share our slime with everyone; kids and adults.

When Sunshine makes her slime, she considers a multisensory experience; touch, sight, hearing and smell. As we all know, you can’t taste slime as it is NOT edible. However, FUN FACT; most researchers would appear to agree that smell plays a “dominant” role in taste.

The only way you will know what we are saying is true would be for
you to try our PLAYCODE3 slimes. We give samples with every purchase because we know that slime is “hands on”, it’s got to be experienced. The best websites, pictures and videos shouldn't convince you that you got a great slime. Instead let the experience do the convincing.

Join others today and order a few slimes; there is a good chance there
is a slime sale right now! We also have a points and referral program that can save you even more!

Sunshine's Slime Collection 


Sunshine Stevenson
Owner, Designer, Photographer

the creator (genius), innovator and designer of playcode3.

Lily Stevenson
Owner, Customer Service, Assistant

the organizer (bookworm) who works on research, customer service, and shipping.

Christopher Stevenson
Owner, Assistant, Tech Support

the techy (nerd) who works on the website, branding, and marketing.

PLAYCODE3 all started with Sunshine’s love for playing with and creating slime. Everyday Sunshine would be in our living room having a great time making a mess with her original slime designs. Sunshine then found other Slimers on social media and was inspired to continue to learn and grow. We created a Slime Shop in our basement for Sunshine. As things progressed, we decided to build a business so we can share Sunshine’s love for Slime.


 At playcode3 we are committed to provide you with quality products at a great value. We don’t see you as just customers instead as a community of people with passion for creating things they love and enjoying sharing the experience of those creations. We know when you do better, we can be better. This is just the beginning of our vision; stay connected, give feedback and we promise to improve with you.  

Our 3-code mission

  • CODE 1: To make & provide the best quality products at the best value for everyone.
  • CODE 2: To continue to offer the best service with integrity.
  • CODE 3: To give back; 10% of all profits will go to helping others.

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