What Unique Benefits and Features Can I Expect at PLAYCODE3.COM?
Is it true your PLAYCODE3 Air Dry Clay is back in stock?
Why Am I Asked for My Email Address When Placing an Order?
The size of the product is not what I expected. What should I do?
Why am I receiving two tracking numbers for a single order?
How do you estimate you shipping cost and delivery times?
Do you offer Bulk Order Discounts?
Why am I getting a better combination message when using a discount code?
Why was my shipping cost so high for such a small item?
When is your next Super Friday?
What kind of discounts or sales are currently available?
How do your discount codes work?
Where is my account order information?
When I enter my email address for my orders, why don't I see all my orders?
What is your Shipping Policy?
I am not receiving any order or shipping information from you?
Tracking says "delivered" but I haven't received my package?
What is Navidium Shipping Protection?
When will your product be back in stock?
How can I find the products I am looking for?
Is there anything edible in your shop?
Why do two bags of sprinkles/fimos with the same weight look different?
Why was my order canceled?
Do you have a refund/return policy?
Will colors bleed while using your products; like slime?
What if I have a question about a specific product?
Can any of your products be used as toys?
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