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At PLAYCODE3, we understand the excitement and urgency that comes with ordering new crafting supplies. To meet your requests for as-soon-as-possible shipping, we offer the Skip The Line service. This option allows your order to bypass the usual queue, which follows a strict first-come, first-served protocol.

Regardless of the shipping option selected at checkout, 'Skip The Line' guarantees that your order takes precedence, whether you opt for standard or express shipping. This service expedites the order and put on the Fast-Track preparation phase—comprising picking, verification, and packaging. Once your order is packaged and labeled, it is immediately set out for pick-up; we never leave a packaged order pending. The exact time of pick-up still aligns with the carrier's schedule, but rest assured, your order won't be waiting around once processed.

Especially during high-volume sales events like Holiday Sales and Super Friday, Skip The Line can significantly shorten the wait time for your order to be dispatched from our NY or FL warehouses. While it doesn't affect the carrier's delivery speed, it positions your order at the front of the line for a minimal fee, ensuring fairness and efficiency.

Note: The shipping policy applies, and delivery times are subject to your local post office's schedule.

Example Scenario: Let's say it's our big Super Friday sale, and you've just placed an order at for some of our bestselling slime or fake bake crafting supplies. Normally, orders are processed in the sequence they are received. By adding 'Skip The Line' to your order, we'll start processing your order immediately, moving it to the front of all standard orders, ensuring it gets packed and ready for shipping posthaste.

IMPORTANT: 'Skip The Line' prioritizes order processing, not shipping transit times. Select express shipping during checkout for faster delivery. Only one 'Skip The Line' per order is needed — adding more won't speed up processing.

Ready to jump ahead? Add 'Skip The Line' to your order today!