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Fake Peanut Crushed Small Pieces Food Props Decoden Not Edible Imitation
Fake Peanut Crushed Small Pieces Food Props Decoden Not Edible Imitation
Fake Peanut Crushed Small Pieces Food Props Decoden Not Edible Imitation 10 Grams
Fake Peanut Crushed Small Pieces Food Props Decoden Not Edible Imitation
Fake Peanut Crushed Small Pieces Food Props Decoden Not Edible A Toy Playcode3 Llc Sprinkle

Peanut Crushed Fake Small Pieces Food Props Decoden Not Edible Imitation

Materials: polymer clay
Availability: 38 in stock

Weights: 10 grams, 20 grams & 100 grams

Bag Size:
10 grams - 2" x 2"
20 grams - 2" x 3"

100 grams - 3" x 5"

Introducing our Miniature Glossy Peanut Crumble Toppings – the ultimate embellishment for your faux culinary and craft projects! These petite, light caramel-colored faux peanut pieces, slightly larger than coarse sugar or salt, are designed to add a sprinkle of realism and a dash of glamour to your creations. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, each piece boasts a glossy finish, with some edges catching the light to create a captivating sparkle.

Ideal for decoden, fake bakes, and more, these small yet impactful peanut crumbles offer a delicate texture reminiscent of real peanut pieces, making them perfect for enhancing the authenticity of your faux desserts and crafts. Their glossy finish adds an extra layer of sophistication, ensuring your projects stand out with a professional and polished look.

In the delightful assortment of our Miniature Glossy Peanut Crumble Toppings, you'll discover that some pieces naturally clump together, reminiscent of the clustered chunks found in a hearty granola bar. This charming characteristic adds an extra layer of texture and depth to your projects, enhancing their authenticity. Alongside the uniform small pieces, you may also find a few irregularly sized larger crumbs, adding to the realistic variety you'd expect from genuinely crushed or chopped peanuts. This mix of sizes and textures ensures your creations capture the true essence of peanut toppings, making each project uniquely appealing.

We understand the importance of accuracy in your creative endeavors, so we highly recommend reviewing the accompanying photos and videos to fully appreciate the size and intricate detailing of these exquisite peanut crumbles. Their realistic appearance and light-catching gloss make them a must-have for any faux food artist or craft enthusiast looking to add a touch of elegance and realism to their work.

Please note: Despite their tempting appearance, these peanut crumbles are not edible. They are designed for decorative purposes only, so we urge you to resist the temptation and instead let them inspire your creativity.

Elevate your faux food and craft projects with our Miniature Glossy Peanut Crumble Toppings and witness the transformation they bring to your creations. Add them to your toolkit today and unleash the full potential of your artistic vision!Note: The color may vary from the actual product due to pictures and monitor variations. Slime in the picture is, for example, not for sale. However, we do offer the other crafting products you see in the picture that you can purchase.

Warning: Not Edible

All weighted items are measured during packing in grams (1 gram = 0.035 ounces) using a kitchen-grade scale. We do our best to provide accurate weight measurements of each product. However, due to differences in scales, you may see a difference in weight no less than plus or minus 1 gram margin of difference; please consider this acceptable when weighing our products for accurate measurement.

Product Origin & Quality: At PLAYCODE3, we are committed to offering you an array of quality crafting supplies to enhance your creative ventures. Please be advised that we do not manufacture any of the products ourselves; they are primarily sourced from reputable manufacturers in China. Many of these products are hand-crafted by skilled artisans, featuring elements like hand painting and molded designs. Due to the hand-crafted nature of these items, you may encounter slight variations in painting or mold irregularities. Rest assured, we diligently perform quality control checks to maintain product consistency to the best of our ability. We fully understand the importance of consistency for your crafting projects and are dedicated to meeting those expectations. Kindly consider this before completing your purchase. Thank you for choosing PLAYCODE3 for your crafting needs. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
R.B. (Virginia)

These are perfect for my soon to be fake ice cream cones!!! I can't wait to use them will definitely buy again when I need them 😀

Minerva H. (Virginia)

First time ordering, very happy with product.