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Pineapple 5Mm Fake Fruit Fimo Clay Sprinkles Decoden Jimmies Sprinkle
Pineapple 5Mm Fake Fruit Fimo Clay Sprinkles Decoden Jimmies 10 Grams Sprinkle
Pineapple 5Mm Fake Fruit Fimo Clay Sprinkles Decoden Jimmies Sprinkle
Pineapple 5Mm Fake Fruit Fimo Clay Sprinkles Decoden Jimmies Playcode3 Llc Sprinkle

Pineapple Fimo Slices 5mm Fake Fruit Clay Sprinkles Decoden Fimo Jimmies Funfetti

Materials: polymer clay
Availability: 19 in stock

Size: 5mm fimo ** Please see picture for visual size reference before purchasing **
(25.4mm = 1 inch)

Weights: 10 grams, 20 grams & 100 grams

Bag Size:
10 grams - 2" x 2"
20 grams - 2" x 3"

100 grams - 3" x 5"

Add a tropical twist to your craft projects with our Pineapple 5mm Fake Fruit Fimo Clay Sprinkles! These adorable Decoden Fimo Jimmies are perfect for sprinkling a dash of summery vibe onto your creations. Whether you're adorning phone cases, nail art, slime, or scrapbook pages, these tiny pineapple pieces are sure to bring a smile. Crafted with care, each piece captures the essence of a sunny paradise, making them ideal for DIY enthusiasts who love to add a playful touch to their work. Embrace the sweetness of summer all year round with these charming pineapple sprinkles!

Note: The color may vary from the actual product due to pictures and monitor variations. Slime in the picture is, for example, not for sale. However, we do offer the other crafting products you see in the picture that you can purchase.

Warning: Not Edible

All weighted items are measured during packing in grams (1 gram = 0.035 ounces) using a kitchen-grade scale. We do our best to provide accurate weight measurements of each product. However, due to differences in scales, you may see a difference in weight no less than plus or minus 1 gram margin of difference; please consider this acceptable when weighing our products for accurate measurement.

Product Origin & Quality: At PLAYCODE3, we are committed to offering you an array of quality crafting supplies to enhance your creative ventures. Please be advised that we do not manufacture any of the products ourselves; they are primarily sourced from reputable manufacturers in China. Many of these products are hand-crafted by skilled artisans, featuring elements like hand painting and molded designs. Due to the hand-crafted nature of these items, you may encounter slight variations in painting or mold irregularities. Rest assured, we diligently perform quality control checks to maintain product consistency to the best of our ability. We fully understand the importance of consistency for your crafting projects and are dedicated to meeting those expectations. Kindly consider this before completing your purchase. Thank you for choosing PLAYCODE3 for your crafting needs. 

Customer Reviews

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A. (Virginia)

The cutest little clay sprinkles and I got a surprise. Awesome thank you gift and it was perfect because I needed it for my upcoming slime.