Finding The Right Sprinkle Mix for Your Next Crafting Creation

Finding The Right Sprinkle Mix for Your Next Crafting Creation

There are so many faux sprinkles mixes out there, how do you choose what sprinkle mix is right for your next formidable slime, fake bake, shaker card, tumbler, headband, hairbow, scrapbook and all your crafting designs.

It may be simple enough; you think of a creation then you find the sprinkles to match, however there is so many to choose from and you want to be unique and have the right sprinkle mix to match the right design you want to bring to life.

Here at PLAYCODE3 we offer a mixed approach to helping you find the right sprinkle mix and we have the charms to match as well when needed. We provide both your basic sprinkles and the classic fimo slice designs such as sixteen color 5mm sprinkles, over twelve fruit fimo slices and small cute mixed sprinkles; check out our top BEST SELLERS for examples.

We also offer designs that match a Holiday theme, you can find those by clicking HOLIDAYS. In addition, we have extremely popular first to market PLAYCODE3 Exclusive mixes; these mixes have been designed with a broad range of uses for your creations.

We like to get to know you as well and get an idea of what you like from what you have created. We are more than happy to take request for sprinkle mix ideas. Feel free to contact us with your ideas, and we will do our best to create them for you as we have already done for others.

What ideas for a new sprinkle design do you have in mind; comment below with your suggestions; we read every comment and will surely get back to you with what we can offer. Thank you all for your support and sharing your impressive crafting creations with us!

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