Simplify Your Crafting Business: How Shuttle App Seamlessly Syncs Your Etsy and Shopify Stores

Simplify Your Crafting Business: How Shuttle App Seamlessly Syncs Your Etsy and Shopify Stores


If you're a crafting entrepreneur who is selling on both Etsy and Shopify, managing the two platforms can be a time-consuming and exhausting process. That's where the Shuttle App comes in. It acts like a magical bridge between your Etsy and Shopify stores, offering a seamless and real-time syncing service that you didn't know you needed—until now.

The Shuttle App Advantage:

Trusted by over 6,000 merchants and counting, the Shuttle App, formerly known as Etsify, has been in the market for 8 years. It offers complete real-time shop syncing between Etsy and Shopify, managing everything from stock levels to reviews.

Why We Love It:

- Real-Time Inventory Syncing
- Auto Product and Order Transfers
- Review Management
- No limitations on shop size

Features We Can’t Live Without:

1. Real-Time Inventory Syncing
Say goodbye to overselling. Shuttle offers real-time inventory syncing between Etsy and Shopify, monitoring both manual edits and orders to keep your stock levels aligned.

2. Transfer & Update Products with Ease
Shuttle allows you to selectively transfer specific products, orders, or reviews. It also offers batch editing and customization options, ensuring you have control over every detail.

3. Review Management
Increase customer trust by displaying your Etsy reviews directly on your Shopify store. You can even set Shuttle to automatically assign your Etsy reviews to corresponding Shopify products.

4. Smart SKU Generator
Shuttle has a smart SKU templating system that automatically generates SKUs for your variations and syncs them between Etsy and Shopify.

5. Pricing and Currency Conversion
For those selling in different currencies, Shuttle offers a built-in price converter with daily updated rates, saving you the time and hassle of manual adjustments.

Affordable and Customizable Plans

Shuttle offers tiered pricing, starting from just $5 a month for the Base Starter Plan to $15 a month for the Base Pro Plan, which offers full automation of product, order, and review transfers.

Our Experience:

We’ve been using the Shuttle App to manage our crafting supplies store and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. The app is incredibly user-friendly and the customer service is top-notch.

Final Thoughts:

The Shuttle App is a must-have for anyone who has stores on both Etsy and Shopify. The time it saves and the efficiency it brings make it an invaluable tool for any crafting business.

Ready to give it a try?

Start with a free trial where you can test the transfer of 10 products, 10 orders, 10 customers, and 20 reviews. Trust us, you won't look back. Click Here to start your free trial today.

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