The Triumphant Return of PLAYCODE3 Air Dry Clay – Elevating Your Crafting Experience

The Triumphant Return of PLAYCODE3 Air Dry Clay – Elevating Your Crafting Experience

Reviving A Crafting Legend: PLAYCODE3 LLC's Air Dry Clay is Coming Back Soon!

Crafting enthusiasts and business owners, the anticipation is building! We're excited to announce that PLAYCODE3 LLC's Air Dry Clay, a cornerstone in fake bakes and butter slime creations, is making a grand comeback. The same original formula (not new product) and eagerly awaiting to spark your creativity, this product is set to reaffirm its place in your crafting repertoire with unparalleled versatility and quality.

A Community Favorite Returns

Our original specially formulated Air Dry Clay has long been a favorite among creators for its ease in molding and the delightful textures it brings to both fake bakes and butter slime. It's not just coming back; it's being refined to elevate your crafting experience further.

Praise from Our Passionate Crafters:

"I absolutely love PLAYCODE3's Air Dry Clay! It's a game changer for my butter slime creations. The texture is just perfect and it blends seamlessly. Highly recommend!"

This is just a glimpse of the love and appreciation our community has for our Air Dry Clay. Celebrated for its inflatable, spreadable, soft qualities, and its ability to mix well with slime, this clay has been a top choice for DIY slime enthusiasts and fake bake artists.

Easy Crafting with Exceptional Results

Using PLAYCODE3 LLC Air Dry Clay is straightforward. Knead it, mold it, let it air dry, and see your vision come to life. This clay is also perfectly compatible with pigments for those who love colorful creations.

Store Smart, Craft Safe

Keep your Air Dry Clay in prime condition by storing it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. As always, it's for crafting, not for consumption, and best used under adult supervision.

Simple Ingredients, Infinite Creativity

Composed of PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate), Water, and Pigments, our Air Dry Clay is designed to ensure your crafts are not only visually stunning but enduring.

Be the First to Know!

As we work diligently to bring back PLAYCODE3 Air Dry Clay, we invite you to subscribe for updates. Be among the first to grab this sought-after product as soon as it's back in stock. Subscribe now at

Join the Conversation

Have questions about the return of our Air Dry Clay? Or perhaps you've previously experienced the magic of our product and want to share your story? Drop a comment below – we love hearing from you and are excited to see your enthusiasm and ideas!

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  • Jennifer Locey - February 08, 2024

    Oh My Gosh!!!! I’m so excited I can’t even begin to tell you. I just said the other day how I wish you still made this!!! Thank you

  • Judy Reynolds aka Miss Judy’s Mercantile - February 08, 2024

    I was so happy to see you list what the foam is made of! I have been asked several times and could not give an answer. People are more cautious these days!
    I LOVE working with foam clay! I’m a seasoned crafter and have worked with many different mediums and have to say foam clay is my absolute favorite of all time! I cannot wait to sink my fingers into this clay!!!!

  • Yvette - February 08, 2024

    So glad you r bringing back ur clay, looking forward to it.

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