Fresh Slime:
Slime texture may change during delivery time. We ship the freshest slime to you, however, shipping time varies for each order due to distance and other unforeseen delivery circumstances.

Slime and Temperature:
Slime texture/play-ability is affected by temperature; please consider the time of delivery during seasons and your local area weather.

If your slime is "stiff" it may be because it is too cold; warm it up with your hands or let the slime stay in room temperature for about 1 hour.

If your slime seems to be "melting" it because it is too hot; you can add A FEW DROPS of activator, then knead your slime to a texture of your liking.

Activator comes with every slime purchase: 
If you run out of our activator, follow the recipe below to make your own.
(adult supervision while making activator)

Steps on how to make your own activator:

  1. Add 1 tsp borax to 1 cup of hot tap water.
  2. Mix activator until the borax dissolves.
  3. Add activator to slime in SMALL AMOUNTS.
  4. Knead slime until smooth.

Cloud Slime Care:

It is normal for your cloud slime to be a little teary at first, all you need to do is knead and stretch until desired texture.

Slime condition overtime:

Slime naturally melts over time. It is normal for slime to deflate

Slime Warnings:
Always wash your hands before and after playing with slime. KEEP SLIME AWAY FROM YOUNG CHILDREN, PETS, CLOTHES, CARPET, HAIR, AND FURNITURE. SLIME IS NOT EDIBLE; click here for other product warnings and information.

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