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We're thrilled to announce an exclusive promotion for our cherished slime community!

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We're offering 1kg of our air dry clay, valued at $27.99, absolutely FREE to you, as one of our dedicated customers. Our clay formula, while initially making the slime feel sticky, unlocks the door to an inflatable butter slime like no other - with just a few simple adjustments that if you follow will give you inflatable butter slime.

We've been part of your slime journey for nearly over four and a half years, and it's been our pleasure to support and grow with this vibrant community. To guide you through the steps, we're prepared an easy-to-follow video tutorial, ensuring you achieve the best results. 

Step-by-Step Creating the Perfect Butter Slime with PLAYCODE3 Clay

  1. Start by creating your base slime using glue and borax.
  2. Mix in PLAYCODE3 air dry clay to the base slime.
  3. If the slime becomes sticky or seems to melt after adding the clay, do not worry, this is part of the process.
  4. Gradually add more activator, bit by bit, until you achieve your desired texture.
  5. The unique, less dense texture of our clay contributes to a softer, fluffier texture when adding it to slime enhances the slime's sizzles and inflatable qualities through thorough kneading.


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